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Bekaert Murfor Compact I-100 30m Roll

Galvanised steel for internal blockwork
Product Code: I-100
  • Description

      Murfor¨ Compact is the next generation of masonry reinforcement. It consists of a sturdy mesh of steel cords and interwoven fibreglass roving, that can be easily rolled out onto the masonry joints. The I stands for INTERNAL, this means that it is used for internal skins that aren't exposed to the elements, as putting it on the external skin could damage the reinforcement. 

      One single roll of compact has 30m worth of reinforcement and weighs no more than 3kg.

      Accommodates Any Wall Width:
      Compact can be used for any wall width, it is available in two sizes that can be easily combined to reinforce any wall width.
      Fast and Simple Installation:
      Unlike the reinforcement bars (ladder) this doesn't need to be overlapped. Just simply roll the compact out onto the brick or block and cut it to the size you need. 
      Efficient and Durable Crack Control:
      Compact controls the cracks and strengthens your masonry. The sturdy mesh of steel cords has exceptionally high yield strength, with Compact E offering more than 1525MPa and Compact I offering more than 1770MPa.

      It strengthens wall panels to protect them from different types of loads and stresses, including:

      • Bending and shear deflection
      • Expansion and contraction
      • Differential settlements
      • Stress concentration  
  • Production Status


      Brick Butler offer a number of delivery options for all of our Bricks. We cover both Mainland UK Mainland & Otherwise. Please be aware that costs may vary dependant on the quantity required. Full details will be explained to you at the time of quoting.


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